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July 21, 2009

They say that Failure is a stepping stone to success, but for how long can one fail? How fucking long? I’ve been failing in almost everything I do, My education is, My friends  (still have a trusty pack of awesome friends), My project review, In the recent exams, In n no. of hands in Poker, failed to Secure tickets for the weekend flick, Failed to get rid of my laziness, Failed to catch the train in time, failed to get to class in time, failed to finish my assignments, and much more !!!

You say it, I’ve failed them all ! How the fuck can this jinx continue? Isn’t my redemption overdue !? Or am I damned to be an epitome of failure, cursed to remain so, to be an example of how not to be?

I’ve become a weakly engineered flimsy being, which is destined to fail ! Is my recall the eventual solution to all this !? Or can I be tweaked by an effectively applied patch, which shall serve as my untimely salvation ?

For my dilemma, there ain’t no Guide, or a wiki on how to get out from such a predicament !  But, there is Hope for as Lin Jensen said,

“Redemption can be found in hell itself if that’s where you happen to be.”

And for those who say that Hard work pays off, it does, but not always for you ! I’ve been given the shaft “n” no. of times and there’s not much I can do about it !

Figuratively speaking, I’m in a Hell of sorts, for one cannot lose so much, and not be shaken ! For I’m going through a very tough part of my silly little life ! But I do have Hope, For someone who has lost so much, I don’t have much to lose now.  I might as well take risks and work on moving up, for its about time I got a taste of victory, I do deserve my share of glory. Prayers & Hope are the only reason I’m still standing, for I would’ve given up long back, when I had my dreams shattered into tiny infinte pieces by fate.


WIBU: What I’ve been upto ;)

April 25, 2009

I know, its been a long long time, so he’re’s what i’ve been doing in all that time,

Became a Pro COD4 player ( a man can dream, can’t he? =P ) with the online alias – aMjAZz  & joined a clan STARR which just recently bought a COD4 HC cracked server @  Founding member of the LAN  Chennai clan CONS, which comprises of my best buddies! =D

Numerous trips to Blur (LOVE that place ;P )

Made tons of friends on Xfire. 😉

Made a few trips to the beach.

Sathyam Cinemas – Fast & Furious, Transporter 3, Dev D, etc =)

Cedar’s — Awesome place, had tons of fun with ma best buddies! 😉

Cleared TOC in Re-val! 😉

Re-discovered Snow Patrol.

Dumb – C Pro! (muhahahahhaha) *not quite* =( But nevertheless, won a few of  ’em =)

Part of the Earth Defense Force (The Final Defense battalion of humans against Aliens, Dinosaurs, Kim Jong-II, Osama Bin laden, Rick Astley, Linsday Lohan, White Martians, etc)

Note: If your wondering why I’ve specified the Martians is cause they don’t count as Aliens, cause The Martians, J’onn J’onzz  & Roh Kar visited earth and concluded that we were all one and the same. Hence, the then Commander of the Earth forces Salah Ibn Nasri conceeded that Martians will no longer be considered to be Aliens.

Working on a work of fiction, about an expat Indian. More on that later. =)

Started to use duplicate cartridges for ma printer, print quality = decent, worth the price I pay for. All 4 cartridges at MRP340 as opposed to 1 original cartridge @ MRP450!.. Which is daylight robbery!. :@

Sported a Mohawk!.. 😉

Seeding ma heart out! I’d have seeded nearly 10-15 TB by now!.. Proud to be a Pirate! *aargh*

Note: Just to make things clear, I do buy things which deserve to be bought, I just pirate stuff that isn’t accessible in India. =)    I’m a Good Pirate ! 😉

Gave the Principal the MIDDLE  FINGER! (Ofcourse, Behind his back ;P )

Got my mobile serviced!.. Damn, dealing with these service people is just so painful!!

Enjoyed Adebayor’s Goal !

Rooting for Arsenal for the UEFA Cup!.. =) (I’m an anti-Man U footie fan, But I respect Christiano Ronaldo & Rooney)

Re-Started to twitter as of now!..

Thats just a slice of  What I’ve done . Hope you’ve been good too, have fun!.. =)

Happy New Year Folks!!..

January 1, 2009

Happy New Year Folks, Here’s to a great New Year, and all that it brings with it. Here’s to all the Joys and Sorrows we’re gonna face. Have fun!..

Peace Out!.. =)

Back on track..

May 30, 2008

After being depressed for a while, I seriously tried getting out of it.. Being melancholic feels good for a while, after that starts to drain your life force out.. (sorta like “Extra Damage” vials which deal heavy damage but drain your life source).. So, I’d been reading a lot.. Trying to get outta this manic depression and finally, my uncle came from the US.. Sorta like Santa Claus 😀 ..(About that later!!).. But that didn’t get me outta the depression too..

Finally, a miracle happened.. I’m outta it now.. Feeling so good and positive.. I’m like “Look on the brighter side of that” kinda person.. And yeah, been listening to Yves Larock – Rise Up.. I really did rise up.. Hope, I’m back on track and start getting my Holiday checklist done soon.. 😀 😀 :D..

Be Happy folks.. You get to live just once, live it to the fullest.. 😀 😀

Being Melancholic..

May 25, 2008

Why does it have to be so hard to get what we want?.. Why does life strike you down so hard when you’re just about to start enjoying life.. Why do people have to resort to lies and deception? Why does the world around me change? Why am I the same person that I’ve been all along? Why do people change? Why do I want to linger in the past? Why do I remember even the smallest details of things which happened years ago? Why cant I move on? Is it because I want to relive those good old memories. Why do I listen to all those old songs, is it because I want to hold on to those memories so badly? Why are we just unable to make new memories? Why do our dreams have to be crushed so hard? So, that we cant even pick up the pieces and move on?

Well, I would just go joking about that the RAM was full so no new data could be stored 😛 .. And say that I’m listening to all those old songs cause I just didn’t update my music collection 😛 .. But being melancholic ain’t a easy job.. Time Out!

Back from my Hiatus.. or Exam experiences!

May 24, 2008

Well, I’d not blogged for a while now.. Had those big-ass Anna Univ Sem Exams.. I didn’t do well in the exams either.. Thanks to my mental state at that time.. I had become this creature who literally refused to do any hard work at all.. So, I pretty much hope that I should atleast clear all the papers, which seems a lil’ far-feched.. But, hey.. Nothing wrong in Hoping, right? =P

I did miss out a lot from the Cyberworld. But nevertheless, the g33k in me somehow did actually help me in my Studies.. Woah! It was a great ride though.. Studying over the phone, getting up at obscure hours.. Using the “Buddy System” to its fullest.. Irritating them “FRUITS”.. Sending them long “Text’s” wishing ur friends Good luck and stuff, Thinking that you’ve wasted a lot of time, and dreading over the time wasted.. Lots of Fine memories, a few bad ones too.. But hey, whats life with out a few bad fries? 😛 .. Hope you all cherished
those moments..

Btw, I actually made a gr8 text before the last exam.. So here goes..

Tomorrow is de last exam of this dreaded semester.. Hope you enjoyed it.. Because, the Journey is more important than the destination.. With this half of our college lives have come to an end.. We’ve all gained and lost a lot. Lots of pleasant memories to to cherish, a few bad ones to be forgoten.. As they say, take life as it comes.. And thanks a lot for being with me when I needed you the most.. Well, I know that you tried!! Anyways, i’ll always be there for you. Lets face tomorrows final battle with renewed rigour and do our best, for we’re warriors in this battle, and we shall strive to emerge victorious.. All the best.. Take Care.

Well, that was my “awe-inspiring” text about.. Hope, it got my friends all pumped up to study.. But I didn’t even bother to take the book 😛 .. Lets Hope that I pass.. God Willing, I should.. Anyways Folks.. “Happy Holidays”..

A day of Errors..

April 5, 2008

The Mighty 404

Well, yesterday was a day most would’nt have even recognized.. Well, everybody’s lives doesn’t actually revolve around computers and stuff.. But, mine surely does :)..

Well for the under-privileged and the uninformed it was 4.04. Get it? Well, some would’ve understood but some would’nt have.. So, it was “4.04“, an error code, which we geeks, nerds, and pretty much everybody connects with..

Apart from the tech-jargon, we reflect upon it as a day we look back at most of the errors which we may have done and reflect upon it.. We all have lost something we wanted soo badly.. But then what does life give back to you? An Error 404“..

Yes, we geeks do “philosophize”.. 😛