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We need a Telecom Revolution in India

July 25, 2009

3G, the global mobile broadband standard that has quite become a common thing around most part of the world still eludes India. India, supposed to be a growing economy, with its technologically sound citizens, and growing foreign businesses and a booming telecom market still hasn’t adopted 3G yet. With reasons behind its non-adoption being mostly corruption-related and other factors and With the Ministers being busy pocketing our Tax Rupees, it ain’t gonna happen soon.

In a age where 4G technologies are ready for mass-international consumption, tech such as LTE, WiMax has been finalized and is slowly moving out of labs into testing fields. While the rest of the world is getting ready to embrace 4G, we’re yet to experience 3G !

The need of the hour is a Telecom Revolution in India, akin to Reliance’s launch of the Rs. 500 Mobile. Something which forced Nokia and other Mobile Companies to take note of the lower market for mobile phones, and come out with a plethora of stellar handsets for the less fortunate. What we require now is not just the speedy auctioning of the 3G Spectrum but also a crazy revolutionary affordable plan from some Service provider that forces the market to adopt 3G ASAP ! 3G needs to spread like wildfire, for businesses in India are losing thousands of billions of dollars without even realizing that High speed internet is the need of hour and 3G is a goldmine for a ton of services would spring up and thereby increasing the rate of expenditure which would thereby spur the National Economy.

A Revolution in India is overdue, its time its done and bring India out of its current economic shambles !

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