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WIBU: What I’ve been upto ;)

April 25, 2009

I know, its been a long long time, so he’re’s what i’ve been doing in all that time,

Became a Pro COD4 player ( a man can dream, can’t he? =P ) with the online alias – aMjAZz  & joined a clan STARR which just recently bought a COD4 HC cracked server @  Founding member of the LAN  Chennai clan CONS, which comprises of my best buddies! =D

Numerous trips to Blur (LOVE that place ;P )

Made tons of friends on Xfire. 😉

Made a few trips to the beach.

Sathyam Cinemas – Fast & Furious, Transporter 3, Dev D, etc =)

Cedar’s — Awesome place, had tons of fun with ma best buddies! 😉

Cleared TOC in Re-val! 😉

Re-discovered Snow Patrol.

Dumb – C Pro! (muhahahahhaha) *not quite* =( But nevertheless, won a few of  ’em =)

Part of the Earth Defense Force (The Final Defense battalion of humans against Aliens, Dinosaurs, Kim Jong-II, Osama Bin laden, Rick Astley, Linsday Lohan, White Martians, etc)

Note: If your wondering why I’ve specified the Martians is cause they don’t count as Aliens, cause The Martians, J’onn J’onzz  & Roh Kar visited earth and concluded that we were all one and the same. Hence, the then Commander of the Earth forces Salah Ibn Nasri conceeded that Martians will no longer be considered to be Aliens.

Working on a work of fiction, about an expat Indian. More on that later. =)

Started to use duplicate cartridges for ma printer, print quality = decent, worth the price I pay for. All 4 cartridges at MRP340 as opposed to 1 original cartridge @ MRP450!.. Which is daylight robbery!. :@

Sported a Mohawk!.. 😉

Seeding ma heart out! I’d have seeded nearly 10-15 TB by now!.. Proud to be a Pirate! *aargh*

Note: Just to make things clear, I do buy things which deserve to be bought, I just pirate stuff that isn’t accessible in India. =)    I’m a Good Pirate ! 😉

Gave the Principal the MIDDLE  FINGER! (Ofcourse, Behind his back ;P )

Got my mobile serviced!.. Damn, dealing with these service people is just so painful!!

Enjoyed Adebayor’s Goal !

Rooting for Arsenal for the UEFA Cup!.. =) (I’m an anti-Man U footie fan, But I respect Christiano Ronaldo & Rooney)

Re-Started to twitter as of now!..

Thats just a slice of  What I’ve done . Hope you’ve been good too, have fun!.. =)


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