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Back from my Hiatus.. or Exam experiences!

May 24, 2008

Well, I’d not blogged for a while now.. Had those big-ass Anna Univ Sem Exams.. I didn’t do well in the exams either.. Thanks to my mental state at that time.. I had become this creature who literally refused to do any hard work at all.. So, I pretty much hope that I should atleast clear all the papers, which seems a lil’ far-feched.. But, hey.. Nothing wrong in Hoping, right? =P

I did miss out a lot from the Cyberworld. But nevertheless, the g33k in me somehow did actually help me in my Studies.. Woah! It was a great ride though.. Studying over the phone, getting up at obscure hours.. Using the “Buddy System” to its fullest.. Irritating them “FRUITS”.. Sending them long “Text’s” wishing ur friends Good luck and stuff, Thinking that you’ve wasted a lot of time, and dreading over the time wasted.. Lots of Fine memories, a few bad ones too.. But hey, whats life with out a few bad fries? 😛 .. Hope you all cherished
those moments..

Btw, I actually made a gr8 text before the last exam.. So here goes..

Tomorrow is de last exam of this dreaded semester.. Hope you enjoyed it.. Because, the Journey is more important than the destination.. With this half of our college lives have come to an end.. We’ve all gained and lost a lot. Lots of pleasant memories to to cherish, a few bad ones to be forgoten.. As they say, take life as it comes.. And thanks a lot for being with me when I needed you the most.. Well, I know that you tried!! Anyways, i’ll always be there for you. Lets face tomorrows final battle with renewed rigour and do our best, for we’re warriors in this battle, and we shall strive to emerge victorious.. All the best.. Take Care.

Well, that was my “awe-inspiring” text about.. Hope, it got my friends all pumped up to study.. But I didn’t even bother to take the book 😛 .. Lets Hope that I pass.. God Willing, I should.. Anyways Folks.. “Happy Holidays”..

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