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The Advent of the Testing Times…

March 20, 2008

Well as you guys probably know, there are some phases through which every person goes through in his/her life.. These times are reffered to as “Testing Times“..

Well, I’m about to enter into that phase as well, I mean literally! As in, we’re going to face our Semester Examinations..

The Submission of records, assignments, etc.. All the fuss about internal marks and stuff. Its gonna be Iwo Jima all over again.. Those dull dusks and reminiscing about all the time wasted.. All those Guilt-ridden evenings, and all those Remorseful Mornings..

What we hope for is to be able to fast forward through this part of our life, but as much as it sounds tempting.. We eventually have to give in to our future and have to pass through one of life’s tougher times.. But, then all my memories state otherwise.. Reflecting back on my memories, I actually seem to the enjoy the trials and tribulations one faces during these testing times.. They tend to be one of the most memorable ones ever!

As much as this is true, I hope that it ends up as a delicate memory rather than a harsh reminder of all the times I spent on silly pranks and thinking about usual stuff, technology and reading about stuff like Nehalem, Westmere, Falcon, etc.. Well, it wasn’t actually a waste of time.. But, I hope that you get a picture of what I’m trying to convey..

Here’s to Hoping that I wont get tested too much.. May God have mercy on me!

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  1. Tanzim permalink
    March 21, 2008 11:41 am

    A well portrayed situation of every student…..
    3 Cheers for such an awesome blog

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