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When a geek gets philosophical ;)

March 7, 2008

“As you know this thing called “Life”.. Its actually a silly thing.. It often throws its worst at you, but in the end all that matters is whether you emerge unscathed from the rubbles or that you eventually succumb into the pressures and give up and spiral down into self-destruction..

So, what we all want to do is to emerge unscathed from the dust, right! So, sing along guys.. Dance the worries away and Enjoy your life limited only by your own morality and imagination..”

And for people who don’t actually get it.. What my Right hemisphere of my brain is actually trying to explain is that, “The thing called extended warranty is nothing but horse-shit, and what you get out of it is nothing but that you end up losing a few extra dollars. So, don’t limit the usage of your stuff to avoid getting your warranty voided, but instead use it beyond the manufacturer’s intended purpose of your device and modify it, hack it to the level that you’re only limited by cash and your sanity”..

There you go.. God gave me two hemispheres of brains and I intend to use them differently.. And th(is)ese post/verses actually depict(s) that..

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